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..., when we staged a mock hiking emergency, we were pleasantly surprised at the smooth process. The service texted our phone asking us if we were back at the appointed time, but we ignored it. Then, an hour later, it texted our contacts, telling them there was a potential emergency and to check their email. There, they saw all the crucial information they would need to hand authorities. They also got the correct local numbers for the sheriff's department and other authorities in the location of our hike. Read More

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Write down your itinerary - including the trail you'll hike, anticipated campsite, and when you expect to be back - and leave a copy with a friend, family member, and/or rangers. Arrange to have a designated person contact rangers if you haven't returned by a certain time, but build in a buffer for a leisurely hiking pace, poor weather, no cell reception, and other non-emergency delays. (HikerAlert automates the process, sending a text-message to your predetermined contacts: Read More

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One of the main rules of hiking is simple: always let someone know where you're going and when you'll be back. Unfortunately, it's often a rule that goes overlooked. Beginning hikers may not be aware of the dangers that can present themselves on the trail, and more experienced hikers may be overconfident and think that nothing bad could ever happen to them - but the truth of the matter is hiking accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, regardless of your skill level. They can happen on trails in your backyard or trails in the distant backcountry...Read More

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There's a new app on the market that you might want to check out if you're planning a trek in Nepal. Hiker Alert is a web application that provides web based check-ins and emergency alerts; and acts as a sort of cyber ranger station for hikers, runners, and outdoor athletes. Here's how it works - You sign-up online for $4.99 per year. Then each time you go off for a run, hike, trek or bike ride you put in your expected time and place of check-in. If you do not check-in at the designated time, Hiker Alert notifies your designated emergency contacts... Read More

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